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Holyrood Home and School Association fonds

  • CA EPSAM 85.Hol.1-3
  • Fonds
  • 1955 - 1970

The fonds consists of minutes, financial records and ledger of the Holyrood Home and School Association. The Holyrood Home and School Association was formed in Edmonton in 1955. With a membership consisting of parents of students attending the school, the association raised funds for the school and served as an advocacy group for school-related issues.


Item contains documents pertaining to administrative activities of North Edmonton School District No. 2305. Most documents are correspondence relating to the building and outfitting of the North Edmonton school.

North Edmonton School District No. 2305

Formation of North Edmonton School District No. 2305 and Debenture Proceedings

Item contains correspondence and two pages from Poll Book. The first page from Poll Book lists candidates nominated for position of Trustee and date and hours of polls. The second page from Poll Book is the vote on the formation of the proposed North Edmonton School District. It includes date and times of poll and name of voters and if they are for or against the district. Item also contains information from the Alberta Department of Education about instructions regarding the formation of school districts, school groups and buildings, treasurer's bond, and debenture proceedings.

North Edmonton School District No. 2305

High School and University Matriculation Examination Board Meetings

Item contains reports of the Committee on Special Cases. These reports include discussion of whether or not individuals will be allowed to advance to the next grade, whether or not individuals should be granted matriculation, the transferability of credit from other school districts and whether or not individuals may write an exam. Discussion is also given in the reports to the admission of special cases to Normal School. The grade levels evident in the reports are grades VIII-XII. The item also includes a list of examination subjects, correspondence about examination applications, analysis of examination results and the minutes of the High School and University Matriculation Examination Board meetings. File maintained by Superintendent of Schools.

Administration Files of Strathcona School District No. 216

Series reflects administrative activities of Strathcona School District No. 216. Although chiefly financial and staffing issues, opening of new schools, amalgamation with Edmonton School District No. 7, Inspector's Reports, correspondence with University of Alberta, Association of School Trustees of Alberta and Department of Education is also included. Of note is a letter from Lieutenant Governor Bulyea regarding the opening of Strathcona Collegiate Institute. Compiled by the Secretary-Treasurer, files are arranged chronologically. Correspondence of a related subject often glued together. The top document reflects the chronological date within the file but often much earlier documents are attached.

Strathcona School District No. 216

Administration Files

Series contains documents pertaining to the administrative activities of Edmonton Public Schools departments, schools, Trustees, and committees. Series contains inactive files that were closed in June 1971 and sent to the vault for storage. Files are arranged numerically by the original file number assigned by creator.

Superintendent of Schools

Personnel Files

Series consists of personnel files selectively retained for their value in providing information regarding newly created positions, school namesakes, the positions of Superintendent of Schools, Secretary-Treasurer and Trustees of Edmonton School District No. 7, and prominent citizens.

Human Resources

Personnel Files

Series contained teacher personnel files that were arranged by surname and by the original file number as assigned by the creator. Dates reflect the retirement or resignation date of the teachers.

Human Resources

Administration Files

Series contains correspondence pertaining to administrative activities of Edmonton Public Schools as well as trustees' acceptance and resignation letters.


Administration Files

Series contains documents pertaining to administrative activities of Edmonton Public Schools departments, schools, trustees, and committees.

Superintendent of Schools

Administration Files : Broadcast of Lessons

Item includes correspondence and lesson plans pertaining to the Grade VIII through XII lessons broadcast on the University of Alberta Radio Station, CKUA. Broadcasts were made when the schools were closed due to an epidemic. File was discontinued and removed from a larger series.

Expenditures of Canadian Schools

Item pertains to the collecting and analyzing of financial data from several school boards including: correspondence and completed questionnaires from various Canadian school boards, a chart showing the cost per capita for 1923 on the basis of school attendance for several Canadian cities as well as Los Angeles, Seattle and Spokane, a second chart comparing the education cost per capita for 1922 of several Canadian cities, a third chart comparing teacher salaries in different Canadian cities as well as Los Angeles, Seattle and Spokane, and a diagram comparing the cost of public schools across the Canadian provinces. This file was compiled by Sarah Wilson, Edmonton Public Schools Secretary-Treasurer (1921-1925).

Personnel Files

Series contained personnel files for all staff groups employed by Edmonton Public Schools. Series was arrange alphabetically by surname. Dates reflect the retirement or resignation date of the employees. Files that were selectively retained are accessible by surname in the holdings of Archives and Museum.

Human Resources

Administration Files : Double Shifts

Item contains a letter from J. Percy Page, Principal of McDougall Commercial High School to G.A. McKee, Superintendent of Edmonton Public Schools, explaining how the double shift system within McDougall Commercial High School is organized. The remainder of the file is hand-written evaluations of the double shift system written by students and one teacher, Oliver McKee.

Administration Files : Dramatics

Item focuses on Dramatics in the Intermediate and High Schools. Included are supply costs, costs for erecting stages with written and sketched plans and correspondence from the Alberta Dramatic League. Intermediate and High Schools offering Dramatics in 1937 are listed with names of the Dramatics teachers. These are McKay Avenue, King Edward, Westmount, Strathcona, McCauley, Victoria, Eastwood, Spruce Avenue, Highlands, Riverdale, Normal Practice, Garneau and H.A. Gray.

Administration Files : Hot Drinks in Schools

Item pertains to the supplying of hot drinks in schools. Included are cost estimates for gas ranges and utensils and a report on the sale of hot drinks at the Edmonton Technical High School for January 1933. Item also includes a requisition form from the Queen's Avenue Sight Saving Class for cocoa supplies.

Administration Files : Concerts

Item pertains to student concerts held at McDougall church. The proceeds of the concerts went toward the Department of Music, the Department of Physical Training and the Children's Fund to Deal with Emergencies (Relief Fund). Included are minutes from organizational meetings, receipts, breakdown of ticket sales, programs and financial statements. The file also contains a list of the recipients of the School Chorus Awards from the Alberta Provincial Museum Festival, 1947.

Administration Files : Flag Salute

Item relates to the saluting of the flag in schools during WW II and immediately afterwards. In January 1940, the Board approved the ceremony of saluting and pledging to the flag. The file contains correspondence relating to the suspension of students who refused to salute the flag. Other correspondence is from the RCMP, the Deputy Attorney General, Office of the City Solicitor and the Coleman School District. A list of students who were suspended is included.

Administration Files : Goodwill Day

Item contains correspondence and information about Goodwill Day, observed on May 18. File contains messages written by Edmonton students in reply to Welsh broadcasts. Information on the Empire Youth Movement included. Within the file is correspondence between G.A. McKee, Superintendent of Schools, and Dennis Murphree of The Know Mississippi Better Train.

Administration Files : Scholarships

Item contains information and correspondence about the following scholarships. The Booker T. Washington W.C.T.U trophy, the Hon. Frank Oliver Chapter I.O.D.E. Charles Keefer Memorial Bursary, The Municipal Chapter of Edmonton I.O.D.E. Scholarships, Queen's University Provincial Scholarships, Robert Tegler Matriculation Scholarships, Upper Canada College Scholarships and Bursaries, Governor-General's Medals for Gr. VIII, the Gyro Scholarship and the Dana College Scholarship Certificate.

Administration Files : Relief Fund

Item pertains to the distribution of the school fund for necessitous children (Relief Fund) by principals. Lists of amounts disbursed through the schools and receipts for clothing and dental work included. Funds were raised through concerts and contributions. Included is correspondence from Nelles Buchanan offering a donation and a letter from the Special Relief Department regarding the Dominion-Provincial Youth Training Programme.

Administration Files : Religious Instruction

Item pertains to religious instruction in schools and, specifically, Bible readings. The file includes the document Bible Readings in Edmonton Public Schools, Revised Copy. It also includes the Report of Committee Appointed to Select a List of Bible Readings. Item also contains inquiries from other school boards, parent concerns and evaluations by teachers. Included are letters from the Religious Tract Society and a copy of a report on the learning of the Ten Commandments in state schools in the British Empire.

Administration Files : Straps

Item consists of correspondence between the Superintendent of Schools and principals regarding the removal of straps from the classrooms and the exchange of smaller straps for larger ones.

Administration Files : Vacation School

Item pertains to the Vacation School, a program at Victoria High School to prepare grade XI students for supplemental examinations. Examinations were conducted by the Department of Education and the University of Alberta. The Vacation School was aimed at students who failed their June examinations but others took the summer courses as well. File includes correspondence, planning information and reports from teachers.

Administration Files : Mental Tests

Item contains correspondence regarding intelligence tests. Included are letters of concern from parents, a copy of a letter from the Edmonton High School Teachers' Alliance and correspondence with C.B. Willis, Victoria High, regarding the comparison of student I.Q.'s within the city High Schools. Also included is a sample test.

Policy Development

Series pertains to policy development within Edmonton Public Schools. The series is arranged into three sub-series: 84.51.3 Policy Development : Survey of Principals, 84.51.4-7 Policy Development : Advisory Committee which contains agenda, minutes, memoranda and the policies and regulations the committee has agreed to, 84.51.8 Policy Development : Project Booklets and Draft Policies which consists of Advisory Committee notes and a draft policy manual.

Board Administration

City Pension Plan : Record of Proof of Age Certificates

Item consists of lists of Maintenance and Custodial employees names and type of documentation they submitted to prove their age in order to receive a pension. Also included are copies of letters sent to employees from the Secretary-Treasurer requesting Proof of Age documentation. All copies of documents provided for proof of age contained within this file were destroyed in Archives June 21, 2006.

Relieving Teachers

Item is a document pertaining to the formula used to calculate the amount of time principals should be in the classroom and the use of relieving teachers to take over their classroom work. It lists the schools, their principals, and the amount of time that a relieving teacher would have to provide in 1927-1928 compared to 1926-1927. It appears to be written by the Superintendent of Schools.

Personnel Services

H. A. Gray School Staff Directories

Item consists of staff directories. It lists the staff members' names, addresses and phone numbers. In addition to the teacher staff, it includes Custodial staff, Nurse, Secretary, Relieving Teacher, and the Counsellor. The school's hours of operation are noted as well.

H.A. Gray School


File pertains to awards given at H.A. Gray School. It includes invitations to and programs of Awards Ceremonies, list of students receiving awards, memorandums to teachers and principals from awards committees, sample awards, and informatino from Student Assessment and Promotion.

H.A. Gray School


Item consists of four blank certificates. The first is for highest honours standing in the school. The second is for perfect attendance. The third is for Outstanding Progress in Pre-Vocational studies. The fourth is a Service Award Certificate.

H.A. Gray School

Education Week

Item consists of information pertaining to Education Week at H. A. Gray School. Included is a public manual, general planning information, a classroom guide for Open House 1960, and information from the principal about activities for Education Week 1967.

H.A. Gray School

Spring Tea

Item pertains to the annual spring tea held at H. A. Gray School. Included are programs, job allocations, tickets, applications to the Provincial Government for permission to hold Raffles, expenses, supplies, procedures, and information about displays.

H.A. Gray School

Centennial Project

Item lists activities and projects planned for the Centennial Year in H. A. Gray School. It includes information about Bishop H. A. Gray, a history of the school and its banner.

H.A. Gray School

Citizenship, Commonwealth and Flag

Item consists of information to use during Commonwealth Day observances. Empire Day changed to Commonwealth Day in 1958. Included is information about the flag and a souvenir programme of the Official Flag Raising Ceremony from the visit of Governor General Georges Vanier to Edmonton Public Schools.

H.A. Gray School

H. A. Gray School Reunion 1975

Item pertains to the reunion of H. A. Gray School students and staff. Included is a list of highlights from the school's history and history on the school's banner.

H.A. Gray School

Edmonton High School Boys' Basketball League

Item consists of minutes, correspondence, schedules, conveners' reports and bylaws of the Edmonton High School Boys' Basketball League, previously called the Edmonton High School Basketball League. Included are the Official Score Sheets for Junior and Senior High School Boys' games, and Provincial Tournament correspondence. The Edmonton High School Basketball League was a committee of the Edmonton High School Athletics Association. File maintained by the league's Secretary-Treasurer.

Physical and Health Education Services

The Worth Report

Item is a file pertaining to the Worth Report on Educational Planning. It includes a 1970 Edmonton Public School Board Brief to the Commission on Education Planning, a Reader’s Companion to the Alberta Worth Report on Educational Planning, and photocopies of Calgary Herald and Edmonton Journal articles presenting reactions to the Worth Report.

Communications-Community Relations

Personnel Files [deaccessioned]

Series contained personnel files for all staff groups employed by Edmonton Public Schools. Series was arranged alphabetically. Dates reflect retirement of resignation of the employees. Files that were selectively retained are accessible by surname in the holdings of Archives and Museum.

Human Resources

Department of Education High School Inspection

Item contains a synopsis of the follow-up meeting held in response to the eight reports presented to Edmonton Public Schools by the Department of Education High School Inspection Team. A memorandum from the EPS Special Education Branch suggesting follow-up investigations, specifically at W. P. Wagner School, is also included.

Superintendent of Schools

Baker, Thomas D.

Item is the personnel file of T.D. Baker. He was employed by Edmonton Public Schools from 1940 to 1971.

Personnel Services

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